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> From Tyler's Aunt & Godmother
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The Grandson...

Thanks for the Memories, our Precious Tyler

Some nineteen years ago we stopped to visit Lisa and Steve. They had just returned from Las Vegas and they gave Kent and I each a souvenir cup with Las Vegas written on it and I started to scream and hug Lisa and Steve. Kent thought I had really lost it until he turned the cup around and read "Grandpa" and "Grandma."

Tyler, you were an answer to a lot of prayers, and we all anxiously awaited your birth. On October 31, 1984 we welcomed our first "Grandchild," Tyler Justin Eicholtz.

We took so many pictures of you - you had such a wonderful smile and when you were really concentrating on something, your tongue would slip out the side of your mouth.

I remember the night you and Grandma tried to go to sleep and we talked and talked waiting for the phone to ring to let us know that you had a beautiful baby sister, Erin Kay Eicholtz. We are equally as proud of Erin, our first Granddaughter.

We have such wonderful memories of our family at the lake, holidays, birthdays, vacations, etc. The ceramics we used to do together, playing games, cards, watching your ball games, golfing with Grandpa. You and Grandpa going to work together and you helping Grandpa at the lake and at the Shop. The many times we all went out to eat together.

We especially enjoyed the time we spent with all of our Grandchildren while their parents go on vacation. Thank you Lisa and Steve for sharing your children with us!

You and Erin were so excited when Sheryl and Philip had our third Grandchild, Tracy Kay Landis. What fun you had playing with her.

For three months and five days we all enjoyed Tracy's little brother, Kyle Kent Landis. Then tragedy struck our family, and Kyle died suddenly of SIDS, and how we all cried and wondered "why".

On April 26, 1995, your best buddy, Russell Kyle Landis was born. The love you both share is so "special." The week our family spent in Cancun - you would just touch Russell and he would respond "TYLER, YOU ARE THE BEST!"

I remember the day you had the baseball signing for Tracy and Russell - that was so nice.

I remember the day you talked about adding the pipes to your pickup, and I told you that when Kent and I were dating many, many years ago he had a Hollywood Muffler on his car and you could hear him coming a mile away, and you laughed and said "Oh! Oh!, Gramps!" - a few days later you had your "LOUD" pickup.

We were lucky enough to get to know your Cara. We know how much she is hurting right now, like we all are. We hope she will visit us when she feel's like it.

Seven years ago, tragedy struck our family again, and how we cried and asked "why" when our son and your Uncle Jim was killed and now tragedy strikes again and we have lost our much loved first Grandchild, Tyler, and again we cry and ask "why".

I visualize Kyle, Jim and you snowmobiling, skiing and keeping everyone happy and busy up there - "Our Three Musketeers." Don't tease Aunt Marilynn too much boys!

Please watch over us all. We have such emptiness in our aching hearts and miss you all so much!

When our time is up, please open wide the gates of heaven as we look forward to the day when we will meet again!

Love Always,

Grandma (Apple Salad)
and Grandpa (Gramps) Eicholtz