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> From Tyler's Aunt & Godmother
> From Tyler's Sister
> From Tyler's Grandparents

> The Child
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Thank You Note:
> Thank you for your love, help and support


The Nephew, the Godchild

I still find it really hard to believe that Tyler is no longer with us here on earth, it all happened so quickly, it just seems like a nightmare, certainly a parent's worst nightmare. This tragedy has created such excruciating pain and devastation, that it seems almost unbearable. The heart certainly is an amazing organ, to be able to be crushed and shattered time and time again and still, somehow, have the capacity to feel emotion again. If we only had a remedy for our broken hearts.

It has been so enjoyable to read memories about Tyler from his classmates, teachers, and friends - those are the kid of memories that we often times wouldn't know about. It seems unanimous that he was a happy person with a great smile, had a quick wit, a great sense of humor and a very LOUD truck.

When Tyler was little, he spent a great amount of time with the Kent and Bonnie Eicholtz Family. His Aunt Peggy took great price in the time she spent with him. I think Tyler shared his zest for living life to the fullest, just like his Uncle Jim. Tyler's sense of humor was shared by many family members, Grandpa Kent, Grandma Bonnie, and Great Uncle Duane to name a few. Tyler was very, very special and close to Grandma and Grandpa Eicholtz. You can hear the pride in their voices when they speak of Tyler. The times Grandpa and Steve spent with Tyler teaching him the family masonry business will remain special in their memories.

It was nice to read about the many times that Tyler was watching out for his Lil Sis, Erin. Erin and Tyler both were/are such great cousins to my kids, Tracy and Russell. They looked up to Tyler and Erin all the time (so I'm thankful they are such great persons). Tyler helped Russell set up his bike ramp that he got for Christmas this year in our basement - Tyler thought there was no need to wait for Spring, so they both rode the bike ramp.

I am so thankful that Tyler, Erin, Lisa and Steve spent a wonderful Hawaiian Christmas together this year, even though we missed spending the holidays with them. There is a lovely picture of Lisa with her arms around Tyler - I think it was on a boat ride - where their hair is blowing in the wind - Tyler knew he was loved. I'm sure Lisa would give anything for one more time to hug her son.

Cara, it may not seem like it now, but you're been very luck, like the rest of us, to have had Tyler in our lives. Cherish your memories; my heart aches for you also. We hope you'll stop by the Eicholtz lake cabin this summer when you have a chance.

I can just imagine Tyler with Cousin Kyle and Uncle Jim having a grand time in heaven - you know they say God only takes the best. We love and miss you all. Carry on boys!

I'm very grateful for the hundreds of precious memories that we have of Tyler, the vacations spent together, the great fun at the Eicholtz lake cabin (the 4th of July water fights, inner tubing, Tyler riding the bogs), the holidays shared together, and on and on. We will cherish them forever.

We love you Tyler . . .until we meet again. Erin . . . keep on truckin.

Your Aunt and Godmother, Sheryl Eicholtz-Landis
Tracy and Russell (Tyler, you're the Best!)
And Angel Kyle